31. Postal Marks from Correspondents

Well, so far I have three correspondents in some place called America (I can’t find it on the map…), and part of the delight in receiving a typed letter from across the globe is the details of the envelope. I’ll never reveal the names and addresses of my correspondents, but I think the postal marks are safe enough.




I’m curious why all the stamps carry the word, “FOREVER”. What is forever? Nothing lasts forever – don’t they know that? If not, they’re in for a shock. πŸ˜‰

The Portland stamp is dated 2016, Tacoma 2017, and Albuquerque 2018 – are these the years these designs were launched? I imagine so.

Albuquerque and Tacoma show plants – I’m unsure what they are – any help? And is there anything specific regarding the US and the moon in 2018?

And does the Tacoma stamp have “Thinking of You” stamped over it? Tacoma is thinking of me? Well, isn’t that nice? I’m thinking of you too, Tacoma!

All very interesting. The contents are even more interesting, and will receive a reply soon, from Edinburgh, Scotland. If anyone else wants to join in, my address is at http://GuitarLessonsEdinburgh.com

10 thoughts on “31. Postal Marks from Correspondents”

  1. “Forever” means the stamps maintain their value. If postal rates rise, the stamp is still good for it’s intended postage. I could use that very stamp to send you a letter in ten years from now.

    I have no idea what the plant is. Looks like a succulent plant of some sort. Popular here in the US. Related to cactus. The red one is a poinsettia. A tropical plant whose leaves turn red. They are popular here around Christmas time.

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  2. Some late thoughts on this. I would like to invite others to correspond with me, but have an aversion to posting my address. Perhaps an email exchange to get the ball rolling.


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