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Work, Save, Travel, Repeat


Work, Save, Travel, Repeat


The complete guide to amazing budget traveling, Most people dream of traveling the world to far away and exotic places. They desire to see the Roman Colosseum, the Taj Mahal, or Machu Picchu. However, there are two main misconceptions that commonly deter people from starting their own incredible adventure:




Work, Save, Travel, Repeat tackles these misconceptions head on and will help you realize these places do not have to be something found only in your wildest dreams, but instead, your future travel destinations. This book is filled with the latest methods to budget travel, as well as tons of useful advice, ranging from how to deal with travel fatigue, find Wi-Fi in a new place, and stay safe in a new and unfamiliar settings. Jereme Lamps is a travel veteran who quit his job to spend 500 days exploring the world. The practical information presented in this book is brought to you fresh from travelers around the world. This modern and complete guide to budget traveling will equip you with the tools necessary to realize that you are capable of long-term travel and give you the ability to handle any issues that could arise throughout your journey. You will learn:

  • Why budget traveling is the best type of traveling
  • All the tips and tricks for traveling cheaply
  • The benefits of traveling alone and how to do it