http://typosphere.blogspot.com – with live links to blog updates from other typewriter bloggers, and useful resources

https://charliefoxtrotvintage.co.uk/blogs/news – A great UK site with typewriters for sale, plus this great collection of blog articles.

http://site.xavier.edu/polt/typewriters/ – The Classical Typewriter Page – essential viewing

http://typewriterdatabase.com – the Typewriter database

http://www.thetypewriterman.co.uk – repairs, sales and advice from Tom Lucas. He’s been doing it since the 1970s! Tom lives in Luton, north of London

https://www.georgeblackmanvintagetypewriters.co.uk – repairs and sales from George Blackman, Bexhill-On-Sea…near Brighton

https://oztypewriter.blogspot.com/2013/07/typewriter-tom-thinks-about-hanging-up.html – one of the best typewriter blogs on the net. Be prepared to spend some time there

http://machinesoflovinggrace.com – one of the best-named and best websites for historical typewriters


more to come…