1. Lazy Dog Starts a Blog

Greetings, fellow typeheads! Yes, this is a new occasional blog devoted to typewriters, writing, and photography. My intention is to share the enthusiasm for all things type-related, creating a little contribution to the growing Typosphere of love for grass-roots creativity…or something like that!

The intention is that each post has some typed content, reflections on my experience of typewriters, the typoshere, and life in general. I am not technically-minded, and therefore will not be taking apart typing machines, suggesting repairs and improvements – there are other blogs for that.

Feel free to comment and discuss. Here are a few words typed on a 1935 Remington Noiseless Portable:



Images of said portable:






There, that got the awkward first post over with. I’ll be adding posts fairly regularly, with creative writing, details on my experience of typewriters and the typosphere, and photography related to – or not related to – typewriters. Stop by sometime.


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