29. the enid

Enid 2

The above photo is one of a series depicting my music students, taken at a time when I was experimenting with camera techniques, in this case slightly moving and shaking the camera when shooting. While I love the image, it doesn’t quite reflect the subject. So…

Enid is a harpist, presently studying compositional techniques. Her background is in traditional music, which tends to have a constant rhythm and restricted melodic and harmonic palette. Enid is keen to develop her musicianship into new areas, so we have discussed varying time values (“time-stretched”) and chords built on more open-sounding fourths (“quartalled”) instead of the usual thirds.

Enid takes her inspiration from nature, and a composition of hers we have been working on concerns a flight of red kites witnessed while walking in the Scottish borders.

“song-drawn” refers to the effect on the eyes when you are drawn-in to a song.

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