34. Long-Overdue Blog Update!!


Riverwords – Riverwards

As mentioned above, the Belgian composer, Gilbert Isbin, set to music – for mezzo voice and guitar – eight of my poems. You can purchase this splendid production in paper or Kindle version on Amazon HERE.

No sooner had the publication appeared, the coronavirus also erupted into our lives. I have not therefore been in a position to make a recording of the songs. If I do, you will be able to hear the mp3 files on this blog.

The song/poem titles are: Autumn, Evening, Harr Song, Giacomo Sings, New Guitar Day, On The Edge Of Sound, Round Within Round, Zen And The Art Of Typing.

Some of these poems saw first light of day here on TypeHead.net! While some of them were (re)discovered from a creative diary I kept some 37 years ago (!)  which turned up when preparing for a possible house move. More on that diary anon., hopefully in the next blog post.

Ah….I’ve missed this!



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