13 thoughts on “37. Scottish Lute Music on a Ukulele”

  1. Thanks Rob. Now I feel compelled to dust off my ukulele and retune it. I’m intrigued.

    Welcome back, by the way. I’m glad to see you again.


    1. Cheers, Michael. You might want to look for the 5ths-tuning sets from Aquila, one for violin tuning, GDAE, the other for Concert uke tuning, CDAE. I use the latter, but tuned down a tone for the extra length of the tenor uke.


      1. I’ll do that. Mine is a tenor so I’ll follow your lead.

        If you still have my mailing address, drop a line. I was looking through my letters a few weeks back and saw yours and thought of you. Perhaps that sparked you to bless us with your words.


  2. Hi Rob,
    I am also glad to see you and hoping you feel better soon. Terrible times at the moment. I hate getting out of bed in the morning just to listen to the news which is pretty grim. But I do, so that I can weave a few more inches and progress in my practicing. Can’t waste those remaining 40 years of my life!
    I ordered the strings to put on one of my concert ukuleles. But as usual no one ships to Australia so they have gone to my daughter in the US. But I will eventually get hold of them to try them. Take care,


    1. I’m surprised Aquila don’t have distribution in OZ, or would post directly to you from their website shop in Italy. Still, it will be worth the wait. Glad to hear you are still practising. You can achieve a lot in 40 years!


  3. Absolutely beautiful, Rob! I never would have expected such delicacy from a uke—no disrespect to that instrument intended.


    1. Ukuleles are magical instruments. They bring out all kinds of spiritual goodness. Here are a couple of examples from a favorite artist.


    2. It’s is really just a small four-string guitar, John, which came from Europe. Lots of great lineage behind it before it became known as the ukulele. If you can find my YouTube channel, the last video I uploaded before this one was of an entire cello suite by Bach, which sounds great with this setup. Cheers.


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