41. Urban Angel (through a very dirty window)



A somewhat different voice from my usual poems, reflecting a somewhat different photograph from my usual images.

Two poems in one day. That must be a record…but it is late, and the first was from early morning.

Olympia SM3 for the typing, and the Leica M9 Monochrom with the 7Artisans 50mm 1.1 lens for the shot.

[The poem has been edited slightly since its first appearance here.]

9 thoughts on “41. Urban Angel (through a very dirty window)”

  1. I can’t tell exactly what I have read from your ‘shot’ and your poem, but I just have a feeling for it, the feeling that resonates. It may or may not be the scene and words, but the old-fashioned style and quality of the photo and the paper definitely triggers something inside of me. I can imagine the delight typing on a typewriter, every word even letter must feel so vivid and real. Thanks for your great work on music, literature, photography, and all. In this time full of strangeness and anxiety, I really enjoy what you have been doing. If possible, would you consider reading your poems? Your voice will definitely add spice to them.



    1. Cheers, Eric. Appreciated. First things first: get yourself a typewriter! Your life will immediately improve, and the sun will shine at a perfect temperature for you. Everyone who owns a typewriter will tell you the same thing. If you want advice, just ask.

      I’ve actually had a few requests for voice recordings of my poems, and it’s something I am considering. I’ll do a blog post about if I do, so it would be a good idea to subscribe by clicking those three dots on the upper right, and then scrolling down a little for some choices. One reason I haven’t recorded them so far (apart from on my “Last Video?”, which you might know already) is that mumble a lot. I’m not a public speaker. But with my own poems, maybe the intimacy would be a good thing. We shall see. Thanks for the request.


      1. That was a good idea, Rob. I really like typewriters, although English is not my mother tongue, I’m pretty sure that I’ll enjoy typing on a typewriter! Please share your advice with me, I’ll get one when I’m settled and ready to record/create something.
        What I’m more interested in at the moment is the ukulele, I’m really delighted by the recent videos you posted. I never could have imagined that the ukulele could sound so beautiful, not when everyone used to sweep chords on it. I’d really like to hear your advice on brands, tuning, and pieces transcribed for the ukulele. Once again, I really LOVE your recent uploads.



  2. Eric, I don’t endorse and brand of ukulele, and haven’t tried many brands. But I do recommend you buy from a ukulele specialist shop, there are a few of them around.
    I have about ten or so ukulele books published by Mel Bay, but all with standard tuning in mind: cGEA. The 5tgs tuning I’ve been using of late is new to me. I’m using the tabs from my mandolin and tenor banjo books, see Mel Bay website.


    1. Unfortunately, we don’t have a ukulele specialist shop here, actually, we barely have any across the country. I guess I’ll have to buy one online, but I don’t know what model/size/brand you used in the videos. Since I’m totally new to this instrument, I really don’t want to buy the wrong ones and regret it.

      So please let me know what you’ve been playing in recent videos. Concert? Tenor? I’m asking also because I know that the size of the ukulele determines its pitch and tuning.

      I’ll definitely buy your books cause every one of them seems so suiting my taste!


      1. I play a tenor, as I have big hands, finding the soprano and concert too small. But if I had small hands I wouldn’t hesitate to play the smaller instruments. I use a Fidra ukulele, but I got the last one, as he gave up making them and got a “proper job”, poor guy. Basically the more you spend, the better the instrument.


  3. Thanks for your advice! I really appreciate it! I think I’m going to get a tenor as well, not only because of my fat fingers but also I heard that smaller sizes result in thinner bass and more out of tune on the higher frets. Anyway, thank you very much, and take care!


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