11. Imperial Good Companion Literature

I’ve scanned the literature which came with the red Imperial Good Companion 5 of THIS POST.

First the “How To Use The Imperial ‘Good Companion’ 5”. My box is somewhat different from  the one shown, but otherwise everything looks the same. The page end indicator is useful, though I haven’t used it yet.

How To Use The GC5 – PDF

Two fingering charts, one for the Good Companion 5, the other presumably for all previous Good Companions…


And finally The Imperial Portable Typewriter Beginners Keyboard Manual:

Imperial Typing Manual – PDF

I have decided to go beyond my middle-finger hunt and peck method, to incorporate all four fingers of each hand. If I manage to touch type without looking at the keyboard, all to the good, but if I only get so far as part-looking while using all fingers, then that will have been worth the effort too. At the moment I’m typing at about 40-words per minute. Let’s see if I can improve on that. Current eight-finger and thumb usage has brought me down to a tenth of that…hopefully with a bit of work, I’ll be pushing 60 wpm afore long.

Although I’m currently using this Imperial Typing Manual, I have ordered two old books: Touch Typing In Ten Hours, and Touch Typing In Ten days. I think Ten Years is more likely…


9 thoughts on “11. Imperial Good Companion Literature”

    1. Cheers, Mike. I’ll have a read of that soon. I got a period book today, Touch Typing In Ten Lessons, and it has the left-hand middle finger touching the C, whereas the IGC book uses the index. I found using the index for C awkward, so I’m happy to see the middle finger as an option. I guess key spacing also changed with different machines.


      1. I’ve heard of that book. Where did you find it?
        Remington had the same strategy for that finger – “e, d, c”


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