10. Local Typewriter Finds

Spied today in Courtyard Antiques and Prop Hire, Edinburgh. All need work, some more than others. If I were adept at cleaning and gleaning and fixing, I would have walked home with the first from The Type Writer Company of London. And also the Adler. And possibly the other three as well!

12 Queen Victoria Street, London – the same street occupied at #75 by the British Oliver Typewriter Company from 1929, I believe. Any connection between them?

Adler Mod.37. The model 37 was first created in 1937, but I don’t know if this machine was made then or soon after. Note the “thrust action” key-strike movement.

Corona Folding:




Imperial. Is it a Good Companion, or some other model?

Adler Tippa 1. This seems a very fine machine, though definitely in need of some TLC. Has an encouraging sense of quality about it.

Imperial Portable, as you can see:


I’m not in the market to buy at the moment, but someone might be interested. Website: https://www.courtyardantiquesedinburgh.com



2 thoughts on “10. Local Typewriter Finds”

    1. Thanks, Richard. Having just looked online, I can see that you are right about the Royal Bar-Lock. They look nice when polished up, so there is a project here for somebody. And then there’s the carriage-shift Good Companion 4. I’m just glad I was in the ballpark of thinking it a GC. Cheers.

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