24. Take a Tippa Typing in the Park!

Well, the reason for the Tippa in my collection is for those sunny days when you want to type AND go to the park. With summer coming to a close, sunny days are becoming more rare, so with a free afternoon I just couldn’t resist taking my Tippa typing in the park…and I’m pleased to report I was rewarded with a poem for my efforts.





The dreaminess of the morning reminded me of the many times when as a young boy I would wake with the early-morning light, and spend a good hour sometimes just staring out the window (I kept the curtains open all night  just for this reason), and in the course of that hour go from bliss to stress about the coming day, especially if school was involved.

With that in mind, here’s the poem from my visit with the Tippa to the park. The Tippa did its job by capturing the moment, but I’ve re-typed it using the SM3 Deluxe, on Basildon Bond Air Mail paper.

Now, for those among us who are more interested in typewriters than second-rate poetry, here we go 🙂

The End…

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