11 thoughts on “25. Accessorise!”

  1. Ah, the joy of a hobby is always augmented by the accessories that go with it. Very nice. I love the description of the letter opener as “heirloom quality and dishwasher safe”.


    1. The description also includes the word, martensitic, which I had too look up. And I’m pleased I did, as it is really quite interesting. Try it yourself (unless you know already, of course).


      1. The Mssrs. Tricketts must be convinced that there is a large market of customers who very much want to be able to wash their letter opener in the dishwasher, for they mention it not once, but twice. Personally I own nothing of “heirloom quality” that I would entrust to my Home Depot dishwasher, but no doubt that’s just an excess of caution, and I’ve been hand washing my Waterford crystal and collectible figurines to no purpose.

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  2. Take me back to when we could only correspond via letter or telephone (not the cellular variety). I once had my own set of wax and seal back then.

    Thanks for the invitation. I’ll get a letter off to you soon enough from the Pacific North West.


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