26. Zen and the Art of Typing



This poem appeared tentatively in blog post #5, but gets star billing here with slight but significant changes, and a new name. The colours refer to the ink ribbon, while the last line (in case it is unclear) refers to the type head (or slug in the US – why slug?!) hitting the white page, and also a thought emerging into consciousness.

The photo was taken in Edinburgh’s botanic gardens, with a comical nod of the non-existing head to Douglas Harding’s book “On Having No Head”. It’s a kind of no-selfie šŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “26. Zen and the Art of Typing”

    1. Oh, I’ve definitely seen references to type slugs. Here’s one from Richard Polt: “I hoped that I would just need to bend the typebar into position, but instead the type slug itself was not soldered on properly, so the lowercase e would not print at all.” Source: http://writingball.blogspot.com/2017/03/typewriter-review-royal-epoch.html Such an odd name for the type face. But enough of that. Many thanks for your comment!

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  1. Typewriter zen. Mine has sticky keys and no ribbon. But my guitar works so I can’t complain. Thanks for this.


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