27. Typing Assignment #19

Joe Van Cleeve is a regular vlogger in matters typing and office supplies, old tape machines, etc, and also creator and manager of the Typing Assignment series, where he gives an idea for participants to consider while writing a single page of text. Joe collects these pages, then gives his thoughts on them, generally encouraging everyone to do more. There’s no great prize, no publishing, no heavy criticism, just a gentle push to keep at it. I like that. Joe seems a nice and genuine guy.

So this is my first effort, and I missed the deadline, though Joe said send it anyway. As it turned out, I only had twenty minutes in which to write it. The idea Joe gave was to write about something which inspired you on a day out and about. Well, this is what the Imperial Good Companion 5 pulled out of me, rather frantically, it must be said – I didn’t even have time to straighten the paper! But it was great fun to do, and hopefully has some merit. Excuse the spelling and tense shifting…

6 thoughts on “27. Typing Assignment #19”

    1. I have zero ambition to be a pro photographer, so I’m okay about this situation. The message is that the experience is more important than the documenting of it. So, the trip, from that perspective, was a great success.


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