47. Black Light


I was listening to Beethoven’s “Eroica” symphony – his third – and while the slow second movement (adagio assai) was playing, I found myself contemplating the above  photograph which I had taken yesterday. Beethoven originally referred to the symphony as the Eroica in homage to Napoleon. Yet when the latter crowned himself Emperor, Beethoven violently rubbed out the inked title:

Continuing my exploration of thoughts being electrical sparks in a universe of dark matter, I saw a connection with Beethoven’s music seeking out enlightenment. The two became fused together – image and sound.

The lens I used to get such an effect was made by 7Artisans – the artisanal eye – 50mm at 1.1 aperture. The camera is a Leica M9 Monochrom.

The plant on the right reminded me of Darwin’s Tree Of Life sketch in his notebook, as his theories began to formulate: “I think”.

Hence, this is an image and poem about emergence: thought bringing light to darkness, a composer’s search for an enlightened society, and Darwin’s sublime theory of evolution.


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