48. The Lorca Duo

Amusing picture from the same month:


Postscript: I’ve been trying to trace the whereabouts of the composer G. P. Cribari, but he seems to have done nothing since 1992 – I can hardly believe that to be the case, so if any reader comes across him, please let me know.

I did, however, come across an interview he did back in 1992 with The Herald, a leading Scottish newspaper, which can be read HERE. I sincerely hope he stuck with composing, as the piece he wrote for The Lorca Duo is of a very high quality.

I’ve also failed to make contact with Laura Bailie. There are some historical mentions of her on the web, but no current contact details. Again, if anyone knows here whereabouts, I would like to share this page with her.

4 thoughts on “48. The Lorca Duo”

  1. excellent music ! guitar and flute go very well together, very good balance in the recording as well. Thank you Rob.


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